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Conversation, NOT Conversion | with Joel Carini (The Natural Theologian)

Conversation, NOT Conversion | with Joel Carini (The Natural Theologian)

How do people REALLY change their minds?

In this long overdue episode of Samsara Audio, my old friend Joel Carini (“The Natural Theologian”) joins me to discuss his piece “Berating the Godfearers” which raises a host of questions close to both our hearts — how does the Christian ideology of “worldview” get conversion wrong, and consequently disable real conversation along the way?

This conversation was born out of years deep inside particular communities which eschew empirical observation and experimental procedures for axiomatic assertions and pious certainty. We want to move past the stance which starts with the answers, and instead find ourselves in the trenches with others who are working on finding better questions.

Check out Joel’s Substack “The Natural Theologian” (subscribe for free or sign up to support his work with a premium subscription) to read more of his timely and highly readable interventions.


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Time stamps:

00:00 Introduction and Overview

01:37 Diving into the First Episode of Samsara Audio of 2024

02:38 The Journey of Online Writing and Intellectual Growth

03:55 The Tragedy of Academia: A Discussion

04:59 The Power of Peer Review and the Potential of Substack

06:27 The Humanizing Aspect of Scholarship and Its Challenges

07:28 The Divide in Academic and Religious Institutions

08:53 The Dark Wizard in the Ivory Tower

12:44 Berating the God Fearers: A Conversation

17:05 The Journey of Conversion: A Personal Perspective

23:20 The Role of Fear in Christian Discourse

28:46 The Concept of Worldview in Christian Circles

34:46 The Need for a Transition from Apologetics to Philosophy

40:57 The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Knowledge

41:13 The Limitations of Apologetics

44:39 The Role of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Understanding

46:54 The Problem of Consistency in Worldview Discourse

56:30 The Dangers of Ideological Thinking

01:17:38 The Role of Free Speech in Encountering New Perspectives

01:21:27 The Value of Diversity in Christian Denominations

01:25:01 Conclusion: Diagnosing Our Maladies

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